I started sassmouth as a way to acknowledge the natural beauty of black women. As little black girls we are raised to believe everything about us is “too” something and that we need to adjust in order to fit in and be accepted. So we do, and our adjustments become our norm. Although the average black woman is born with fuller lips, dark skin, and a big butt, her features are not considered “beautiful.” Today, there’s an unusually high amount of non-black women undergoing surgery to adopt average “black” features. 


I remember watching a video of a young black man being forced to cut his dreadlocks off in order to participate in his high school wrestling match. While the video was appalling, I found myself staring at the anchor woman's lips. They were so fake and unnatural, yet this young man was forced to cut something natural because it didn’t fit the “norm.” I decided I wasn’t ok with that so I created a brand to give a voice to the audience whose natural beauty is overlooked, borrowed and stolen, but rarely acknowledged: black women. This brand was created for the black woman that is done being disrespected and will no longer be quiet.