Featured Contributor
TaChelle develops topics and conversations based on her experience in the hospitality, beverage, and luxury services industry. She is an experienced contributor and has been featured in Style Magazine SWAAY, Nightclub & Bar Show, The Guardian, Thrive Global, Las Vegas Sun, and others. Panelist
Are you looking for an insightful interviewee? TaChelle is known for her straight-to-the-point demeanor, making her a great addition to a panel. Combining data with experience, she delivers the information we all need to hear, whether we want to or not. From team building to customer experience, to market trends, TaChelle provides answers and strategies without all the fluff. Sharing the stage or the microphone isn’t always easy, but with the right lineup of panelists, it can be one of the impactful ways of delivering content. There’s a cultural sensitivity that exists but no one wants to talk about it. So many professionals are unaware of what is and isn’t appropriate to say or do in relation to other cultures. Why? Because there aren’t enough conversations. I help shine a light on cultural sensitivities from the perspective of a Black American, a woman, and a business owner. I develop training geared to create open dialogues designed to remove barriers and build strong teams and core values. Podcast (Do you need a Disruptor for your podcast?)
TaChelle is a forward-thinking business leader with the philosophy that sharing a part of your personality, business acumen and past experience to help someone else grow is what leadership is about. Her approach is to embrace the “realness” of life. Let's prove that you’re not a superhero, but a person who has had both successes and failures and how you deal with both in leadership.


Thought Leadership
The COVID-19 pandemic and demand for equality has changed business forever and every leader has an opinion on both. TaChelle views the fragility, and confusion as an opportunity to get past our own discomforts and grow stronger together. From DEI to culture, to best practices, TaChelle has something to share for every leadership conversation.

Business Strategy - FIG
Business consulting is designed to ease the pressure of day-to-day operations by looking at the business as a whole. Are the core values and the customer service reviews lining up? Has the brand maintained its integrity? Is the business growing? Scaling? Are the employees the right fit? At FIG, we consider this a health “check-up” and every business benefits from one. This could be a quick “would you mind reviewing this idea?” Or a full-on audit requiring TaChelle’s team at FIG Strategy & Consulting to assist. Either way, TaChelle has you covered. Advisory Council
Whether you need someone experienced in establishing core values, best hiring practices, brand strategy, or how to unleash the superhero within, TaChelle can help. She can advise on setting up departments, processes, performance evaluations, advocacy, or simply review business plans.


TaChelle’s philosophy is that leadership is a responsibility, not a privilege. She focuses on what it means to build an “open door” culture and inspire teams to deliver their best 100% of the time.
Leaders are able to quickly identify the areas they need to improve upon and receive quick takeaways on how to accomplish it. Most companies see an improvement in their employee engagement, productivity, and overall commitment once leaders make these small adjustments within 30 days. Diversity: The Bottom Line
Diversity is powerful. Cultural differences, education level, family dynamics, etc. Everyone has something valuable to offer. TaChelle speaks on the importance of diversity and how it is crucial to delivering valuable customer experiences as well as increased cash flow. Attendees walk away feeling inspired to improve their workplace culture and shake things up. Inspiration & Motivation
We all need help from time to time with motivation, and companies are no exception. Both the racial-uprising and the Pandemic have changed “business as usual” and many of us simply don’t know how to move forward. Motivational speaking isn’t just about exciting a crowd, it is about giving yourself permission to believe in yourself and your capabilities; then taking that energy back to the office to inspire your teams and deliver great results for the company.