Motivational Speaking

We all need help from time to time with motivation, especially as it relates to women and diversity because we like to go deep. Whether we’re discussing core values, best hiring practices or how to unleash the best beast within, I can help. Motivational speaking isn’t just about exciting a crowd, it is about giving yourself permission to believe in yourself and your capabilities. 

Thought Leadership

I can’t think of a better way to humanize a position than thought leadership. I work with leaders to develop topics and conversations based on their experience to present, in addition to contributing as a thought leader. I’m of the philosophy that sharing a part of your personality, business acumen, past experience to help someone else grow is what leadership is about. Proving that you’re not a superhero, but a person who has had both successes and failures and how you deal with both in relation to a specific topic.

Diversity & Inclusion

I believe in diversity. Not ticking off cultural boxes, but actual diversity. Cultural differences, education level, family dynamics, etc. An uneducated single mother with limited funds would likely have valuable input on how to “budget” or stretch a dollar for a small business. The Ivy League graduate that worked his way through college may have a different outlook on career promotion. We all have something valuable to offer, I work with companies to see what areas of diversity are lacking and how to improve while also creating an environment rich in inclusivity and creativity.  

Inclusive Culture & Awareness 

There’s a cultural sensitivity that exists but no one wants to talk about. So many professionals are unaware of what is and isn’t appropriate to say or do in relation to other cultures. Why? Because there aren’t enough conversations. I help shine light on cultural sensitivities from the perspective of a black woman and develop training geared to have open dialogue designed to remove barriers and build a strong team and core company values. 

Business Consulting 

As a small business owner, I understand the demand on the owner's time. Business consulting is designed to ease the pressure of day to day operations by looking at the business as a whole. Are the core values and the customer service reviews lining up? Has the brand maintained its integrity? Is the business growing, scaling, are the employees the right fit? I consider this a health “check-up” and every business owner could benefit from one.