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Finding an Anti-Woke DEI Professional

Finding an Anti-Woke DEI professional is not as hard as you think it is. Let's start with the obvious, and I'm a little annoyed—I won't lie—I'm a little annoyed that I have to say this.

Black is not a credential. Hispanic is not a credential and neither is being a woman. There I said it. So I've given you permission to run your business like a professional and ask for qualifications and ask questions.

Hopefully, you would not hire a chief technology officer without vetting their background in IT. This should be no different with your diversity, equity and inclusion consultant or professional.

As a professional, I'm expecting you to want to see my credentials and understand my background. More importantly, you should want to understand how I could potentially help you solve your problem.

It should not be based on my lived experiences. I should have something in common with you regarding business strategy, mission, vision, values, something along those lines. At the end of the day, a DEI professional is there to help you in an area you do not understand. This is no different than hiring a marketing consultant, a technology consultant, etc.

These people specialize in an area. Treat them as professionals. Ask for credentials. Understand how they would help you solve this problem and their philosophy on diversity, equity and inclusion.

If this is someone who does not view DEI as a business problem and you do, that's not your consultant, and it's okay. Just stop with the, I'm going only to hire, I'm going to hire the first black person that responds to my ad or I'm going to hire the first woman that says that they're passionate about DEI.

No. Understand that it's a business problem, and you're hiring a business professional. Treat them like professionals.


If you want to hear more about what TaChelle has to say about the impact of DEI, you can book her as a speaker here. You can download our FREE white paper here to learn more about the Three R’s of DEI.

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