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Meet TaChelle

A captivating, compelling and insightful speaker, TaChelle imparts a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, encouraging audiences to critically examine complex issues in business development, corporate culture, and crisis management. Through her presentations, she delves into latent performance drivers, spotlighting the competitive advantage that organizations can harness, as exemplified by strategic considerations such as diversity and inclusion. TaChelle routinely addresses audiences ranging in the thousands.


In 2017, TaChelle founded FIG Strategy & Consulting focusing on brand strategy within the hospitality and food & beverage industries. In 2020, she changed the business purpose in response to corporations making public commitments to DEI without considering the impact on their brand or consumers. Recognizing the potential for reputation damage and revenue implications, TaChelle set out to educate executive leaders on the proper function and use of these critical performance drivers. 

“I realized PR firms were advising many companies to respond but not taking the time to examine the impact of their promises to diversity, which would later hurt their brand reputation. I rebranded as FIG Strategy & Consulting to help companies align diversity, equity, and inclusion with their business goals and company mission in a strategic and authentic way,” says TaChelle.


With over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, particularly in food and beverage and luxury retail, TaChelle offers a unique blend of data-driven insights and practical knowledge to enhance client revenues while fortifying brand equity. Employing a direct and pragmatic approach, TaChelle adeptly guides clients in discovering untapped growth opportunities, including advocacy for women in business, multigenerational workforce management, and cultural transformation. 

Lawson is D&I Certified by Cornell University and Diverse Business Certified by the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth. She is the President of NAWBO Southern Nevada, on the National Bar & Restaurant Expo Advisory Council, on the DEIB Advisory Board for, and a member of the National Diversity Council.  

“I help leaders remain focused on the R's that matter most: revenue, reputation, and retention and nothing about that is racist." TaChelle Lawson

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