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D&I is not about RACE. It's about BUSINESS. And it's about CULTURE.


Why is DEI ineffective?

The majority of DEI consultants lack the training, leadership and business acumen to lead DEI initiatives. They focus on dismantling white supremacy instead of enhancing business performance. 


“Ms. Lawson brought a depth and breadth of experience; she shared antidotes that connected the concepts to real corporate challenges facing our audience and provided steps for businesses to tailor solutions to their needs at their stage in the DEI journey.  She enriched the content beyond our expectations.   Her conversational style resulted in many audience members approaching her for questions that they didn't feel comfortable asking in the large group. The audience certainly walked away with a better foundation and understanding.  We will absolutely engage her again in the future as we continue to deliver relevant content to our membership on this critical corporate need.”

Kelly Knepper-Stephens,

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, TrueAccord

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What We Do


TaChelle's strategies are meticulously crafted to position diversity as a competitive advantage, going beyond mere virtue signaling and performative actions.


TaChelle's approach integrates real-world case studies and specific business goals with robust, anti-woke inclusion tactics, resulting in a more informed and more inclusive workplace culture.


TaChelle is an international public speaker known to harness diversity & inclusion as a critical strategic advantage, effectively overturning the woke agenda and promoting true inclusivity. And challenge others to do the same through speaking.

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