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“ If we all committed to having a conversation with someone NOT like us with the intention of genuinely learning something new, we’d be better for it.”

TaChelle Lawson is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on diversity, equity and inclusion who keeps the audience engaged and leaves them thinking about how to make real change within their organizations. 

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Speaking Topics

The only "B" in a company should be "Business" 

There’s a misuse of the word belonging in the business world. Businesses exist to solve problems and be profitable, belonging simply doesn’t belong. The focus should be on creating inclusion. In this session, TaChelle centers leaders on what matters most - the business.

Key Takeaways: 

1. Understand why inclusion should be the focus of your business

2. Creating organizational inclusion

3. Keeping the focus on the business without alienating your employees

Culture: The Secret Sauce

The buzzword of the last twenty-four months is culture. But what does it truly mean? And more importantly, where do you get it? You’ll hear it’s about mission, vision, purpose or core values. The simple answer: it’s all of the above. But the secret is building a team that embodies the core values, believes in the mission and is driven by the vision. In this session, TaChelle will share best practices that will help leaders build effective culture strategies that deliver positive results.

Key Takeaways: 

1. How to audit your existing culture

2. How to eliminate toxic behavior

3. Creating an authentic culture centered around the customer

Everything is changing: You NEED a DEI Strategy

Instead of jumping on the media bandwagon of what’s popular and trending, leaders must remain focused on the business and what’s best for the employees, customers and the company. DEI reaches further than ERGs and diversity donations…it extends to the bottom line. What will your company look like when the first major demographic shift hits? Do you understand the difference between Gen X and Gen Z? What percentage of customers are Millennials? Customers are changing and so are their needs. A DEI strategy encompasses all aspects of the population and your business goals in order to maximize the power of diversity.

Key Takeaways: 

1. How to conduct a DEI audit of your current customer and employee base

2. The key components of a DEI strategy

3. When to seek outside assistance

Diversity: The Bottom Line

Diversity is powerful, and it’s well…diverse. It’s cognitive, cultural, religious, age, gender, sexual identity, disability, socioeconomic, education, family dynamics and much more. It’s also a requirement for businesses today because customers and employees expect to see representation of themselves and their shared values from the companies they buy from and work for. The simple truth is that no company can afford not to take diversity seriously. TaChelle speaks on the risk versus reward of diversity and the impact on a company’s bottom line based on its position.

Key Takeaways: 

1. Understanding the various DEI purchasing motivators

2. Crafting targeted messages for diverse audiences

3. Realizing revenue potential by incorporating diversity into your brand strategy

Leading a Multi-generational Workforce

This is not our grandparents’ workforce. We have traditionalists, boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z are all on the job today, and they couldn’t be more different in beliefs and work ethic. Some are quiet, some are not, but all expect more from their employers. So how does a leader effectively inspire this multi-generational workforce? TaChelle leads this session from the customers’ perspective, reminding leaders that the focus must remain on solving the customers’ problems first.

Key Takeaways: 

1. Understanding the differences of today’s workforce

2. Creating generational buy-in

3. Resetting the focus to the customer

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Experiential Marketing Summit, 2022: DEI workshop: best practices for event organizers

  • Bar & Restaurant Expo, 2022: Dynamic Growth Through Inclusive Culture

  • BGAP (Business Growth Accelerator Program) Sponsored by AT&T, 2022:  Diversity Hiring & Retention

  • Risk Management Association RMAi, 2022:  Thriving as a business leveraging KPIs, data and metrics to hIre and grow your employees and your bottom line

  • BevNet Live, 2021: Inclusive from the Start: Incorporating DEI in Beverage Brands

  • BizBash, 2021: Build a Killer Sales & Positioning Strategy 

  • Mile High SHRM, 2021: Equity vs. Equality

  • UNLV, 2021: Startup vs. Small Business: What’s the Real Difference?

  • OneHope Wine, 2021: One Hope, One Culture 

  • Nightclub & Bar Show, 2021: Owning the Diversity Dollar 

  • CommCON, 2021: Being the Change 

  • CalSPRA, 2021: Creating Internal & External Brand Advocates 

  • Rexel USA NExT, 2021 Virtual Meeting: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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