Helping companies change how they think about diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Countless companies have trusted TaChelle Lawson for her expertise.


Why TaChelle?

TaChelle helps leaders facilitate conversations around diversity and culture, leading to higher profits and more engaged employees. Her style is straightforward, and her combination of business acceleration and development expertise helps drive revenue, increase brand awareness, and improve product positioning – all with an eye on DEI, racial equity and forward progress.  She believes the strongest and smartest brands make diversity, equity and inclusion a part of their brand – not just a PR response to the social uprising.

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“TaChelle is both a dynamic and energetic speaker who has the ability to quickly connect with her audience. Through a few touchpoints, she presented a strategy aligned well with the objectives that I presented her. The result was an engaging "conversation" with over 60 key leaders. She probed appropriately and responded with timely and relevant answers that were backed up by current data. TaChelle is someone that I'd wholeheartedly recommend if you're looking to have a meaningful, thoughtful and relevant conversation around how to drive to a more inclusive workplace.”

Savern Varnado / Rexel USA

“TaChelle provided insights that have been a game-changer for not only us as a company but for me as a person. She has such a knack for business and for people. She knows how to talk to business leaders and give meaningful advice on how to make your business better and more profitable.”

Sarah Engstrand / Bar & Restaurant

“TaChelle is a straight shooter, she doesn't sugarcoat and really does approach diversity from an entire business perspective. Not just about black, white, women, etc. the business. She suggested we shape our DEI position and promise on the things we'd commit to and that made sense for our company objectives.”

Maurice Brewster / Mosaic Global Transportation

“TaChelle has multiple qualities: she is a natural leader, she is bright, empathetic, hardworking, passionate, and charismatic. She is a dedicated member of the community and takes pride in her role as a leader. She offers her years of experience in leadership and guidance to help other businesses.”

Rachel Mason, MD / Perspectives Plastic Surgery

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