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Change the way you think about diversity.

At FIG, we take a resolute stand: business objectives are paramount, and diversity and inclusion are tools. Our approach is unapologetically anti-woke, anchored in solid data-driven tactics, ensuring your focus is on improving business performance, free from irrelevant non-revenue generating distractions.


Asserting that race or gender are credentials is false and dangerous. Today, many white male business leaders are accused of being racist for not buying into woke ideologies that have nothing to do with business. 


As the President of FIG, TaChelle supports prioritizing your financial interests and not apologizing for it. Our guidance is about integrating DEI in a way that supports and enhances your business objectives without succumbing to counterproductive societal pressure, giving you a competitive advantage.

Some of our services: 

  • Diversity Training & Workshops

  • Brand Strategy

  • D&I Executive Leadership Support

  • DEI Consulting

  • Diversity Growth Strategy

  • Fractional Chief Diversity Officer


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