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Woke Business Leaders Are Destroying DEI

Corporate fixer helping white executives run their businesses without fear
Anti-woke Business and Diversity Communications Strategist, TaChelle Lawson

Research and data prove diversity and inclusion initiatives are positive economic drivers. Studies continue to show that organizations with higher levels of diversity outperform their less diverse competitors by nearly 40% in revenue. I don't know what will if this doesn’t highlight the positive impact of diversity and inclusion.

And despite over 80% of leaders recognizing the importance of DEI, less than 25% possess the knowledge or expertise to implement these initiatives beyond basic hiring practices. That means the general interpretation of DEI is to hire more Blacks, Hispanics, Women, and LGBTQ. Let me ask how that has been working out. Since 2022, over 60% of diversity-related roles have been eliminated because leaders don't know what the hell they're doing.

This gap presents a unique 3R (revenue, reputation, and retention) opportunity for business leaders who are ready to do the work and invest to integrate and effectively IMPLEMENT DEI into their long-term strategic plans.

Besides, this “woke” approach and positioning continue to prove it’s bad for business and is backfiring across the country (i.e., Bud Light, Disney, Target, United Airlines). Even if it means deviating from cool kids or trending social narratives (which I recommend), companies that align their operations and messaging with core values become the rebels, making yours stand out compared to others. 

That’s a good look.

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