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Year of The SAVAGE

I love being a SAVAGE. Mainly because the world itself makes the snootiest of people cringe, and I have to admit, it's a thing of mine. It is thoroughly amusing that my directness can put off someone who doesn't know me or what I have to offer. I also find it makes it easy to identify people I shouldn't waste my time with. I also associate it with a deep insecurity and lack of depth and immediately bore of such people. #savagery

I've decided that this year I will commit myself to sparing zero feelings. I mean, why should I? Think about that. Haven't we protected feelings long enough? And look where that's gotten us. Uhhhh...2020. Need I say more? Besides, leaders have the responsibility to lead with honesty - not pleasantries. Why should I care that an association member was offended that I didn't ask about her husband but took a serious interest in her board members? Honestly, it doesn't matter why she thinks I should care. I don't. #zerofeelings

Some of you stuffy types might read this and think of course a black woman would say such things. She's probably angry. Uneducated. Difficult. Blah, blah, blah. What I am is a SAVAGE. This makes me a nightmare for someone on the opposing side because I don't believe in biting my tongue. I am not burdened with the need of fitting in or being accepted. My commitment is to my values and the responsibility I have to protect my values. The flipside of that coin is, I'm an incredible asset to someone who hasn't acquired the gift of savagery.

Why? Good question.

Well, it's simple. Values are what bind us. Values are what separate us. Period.

If our values line up, I'll stand against Goliath with my slingshot in one hand, bourbon in the other, and lay his ass out for you. Your cause becomes my cause because our values connect us. Then my strength and savageness become your strength and savageness. That's the power of connection. And the power of savagery is I'll tell your lame PR firm what they can do with generic press releases that accomplish nothing except maintaining their monthly retainer. I'll guide you towards making a real impact instead of an endless stream of lipservice and mistrust. I'll move road spikes before you round that corner in your classic ride. I'll also tell you when you begin going off-brand or damaging your reputation. In short, I'll fight the good fight with you and always have your back.

Now, if our values don't line up, no hard feelings. I'll keep the bourbon, you can have the slingshot.

Good luck.

I don't waste my time with posers. And any leader that doesn't take their culture seriously or understand the responsibility they have as a brand is a poser and therefore unworthy of having a SAVAGE partner. I know. The audacity. Well, there it is. TaChelle Lawson is a SAVAGE and only real pros can appreciate the beauty of true savagery.

Let's get it 2021 and from here on out, let it be known as the Year of The SAVAGE.

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