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Can You Really Have A Dream Team?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020


You can absolutely have your dream team, but first you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses are. Basically: identify your blind spots. Then fill in the gaps by building or growing your team. Think about diversity and not just race. I am referring to mindsets, backgrounds, education levels, life experiences, etc.

Chances are that not all your customers will arrive at decisions the same way. You will want a team that doesn’t either. As you build job descriptions and interview questions, think about the company culture you want to create. How will their ability to shift thinking and shake things up benefit your business?

Do you want a boutique business or a large corporation? Each company style requires a different skill set and personalities. Are you comfortable being the main point of contact or would you like a middle person? What will create the best experience for your customer? This will of course depend on the type of business or service you provide, but important, nonetheless.

Whatever you do, do not forget that the team should make up for your weaknesses. They cover your blind spots so keep that front of mind as you build your business and your DREAM TEAM.

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