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Creating the Right VIBE

Webster's dictionary definition.

VIBE /vīb/ (n.): a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

My definition. What you put out that contribute to your brands overall experience for your customer. I bet the last time you heard someone say "I got a bad vibe,” you knew that person was referring to a feeling they had. No one needs to really explain vibe (unless you've been living under a rock). The question becomes: are you aware of the vibe you're putting out there? Most people are unaware so it's safe to say that not many businesses are aware either. How do you correct that? How do you make sure your brand's vibe is in line with your brands voice and mission?

Does your customer service team answer the phone with a smile? Are your customers listening to country music while dining in an authentic Italian restaurant? What about your entrance? Or your website? What vibe are you putting out there?

Last year I had dinner with a dear friend of mine inside of EATALY at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. While the meal itself was incredible, I was so distracted by the music that it killed the overall experience for me - they ruined the vibe. I asked my friend what she thought of the vibe and she responded with "it's OK." We spent over $300 for dinner - just the two of us and the vibe was "OK." That's a huge miss. Now, I seriously doubt that is the goal of any business. Brands that are serious about creating the right vibe will put themselves in their customers shoes and experience the business from their perspective. It's important to remember that if you open a business for you, you've already failed. Your customer is who it's always about and they will remind you of that so stay aware of the vibe.

So before you start that cosmetic brand, shouldn't you think about who would buy your product over a different product? I hope so! I hope you would do your due diligence and meet with professionals in the industry, speak with specific product specialists, prospective customers. You'd find out about laws & regulations,pricing, brick and mortar over online. Now let’s take tie it together. What experience can your customer expect from your brand? Is it high-end luxury, everyday wear, grunge? These will be different experiences, therefore a different vibe.

Be smarter than the "build it and they will come mentality" because it's foolish. Ask and answer a million questions before you even begin working on the vibe. Be honest with yourself and always think customer first. If that seems out of your scope, consult with a professional. This is not something to just "test" out.

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