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Adapt or Die

The world is in a state of constant change, which brings a high degree of uncertainty. Years or even decades of success don’t guarantee success for a company. Don’t believe me? Then look at Blockbuster, Circuit City, Borders, and Pan Am - they didn’t adapt. They died.

Apple is a perfect example of a company that has embraced change. If you asked someone the first thing that comes to mind when they think about Apple, it likely varies depending on what year they were born. In 1985, Apple was just a computer company. But, if they’d stayed a computer company, they’d likely be out of business. There are plenty of cheaper options in such a saturated market, and yet they dominate their competitors. Apple adapted to change and is now the consumer giant selling iPhones, iPods, tablets, watches, keyboards, mouses, yup, and computers.

Nostalgia is sweet, but being too sentimental is dangerous. If it’s not working or growing your business, change it.

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