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Don't Be a "Bossbabe"

I understand that this is a trendy proclamation and I even think it’s cute. What I don’t think it is is professional. Women already face enough challenges in business, adopting cute catch phrases makes it that much harder to be taken seriously by true professionals. I realize many of us are frustrated about the business double standard, so we force our femininity down the throats of others. Personally, and professionally, I think that is a mistake. Be feminine. Or be masculine, just do not forget that above it all you want to be viewed as a businesswoman.

Start by asking yourself "how do I want to be perceived?" Is the goal to be strong and assertive? Or compassionate and sincere? The truth is, you can be a hundred things, this is your narrative and you control your narrative. But also remember there must be a dominant perception. And you want to control that perception, not the receiver. Give serious thought as to what you want that to be. What would you like customers or competitors to think when they hear your business name? Or your name? Again, you are a businesswoman and that is how you want to be thought of.

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