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Buzzwords. We have all heard them. We probably have all used them. But why? If randomly polled, I bet the majority wouldn't know why they use them. They just sound “informed” or, at the very least, sound impressive. So let me share the buzzwords I love to hate. And maybe you can help me destroy them all!

Organic - Why is this still overused?! It should have faded long ago. Instead, articles, ads, and more that are pumped full of hormones (angles, sales jargon, etc.) are labeled organic. Organic means no-nonsense! Keep that in mind next time you think about using organic to describe your content, product, or even your attitude.

Brand - The issue with this buzzword is its use instead of marketing, social media, advertising, PR, and everything else. The misuse and overuse of this word dilute its power for those who use it properly. It also causes miscommunication with clients who say they want “brand strategy,” but they want marketing or something even more essential. Many of whom have no clue what brand is or isn’t.

Storytelling - Today, everyone is a storyteller. Just using the word makes you seem intelligent, relevant, and official. That is all good. Suppose you are a storyteller. Then you must also be a good storyteller. The irony is a good storyteller is easy to identify as are the posers. So pay attention. Someone may use it in casual conversation like a catchphrase in an attempt to impress their audience. Remember this. Storytelling is an art.

Engagement - How is your engagement? How do I engage? Customer engagement, employee engagement, user engagement. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. ENOUGH. Engage with intention, develop a strategy and then ask how your engagement is going. The purpose of engagement is to make connections and make the other person being “engaged” feel respected and influential. If that isn’t your intention, you're not engaging.

Experience - Today, everything seems to be about “experience.” That's all well and good. But the key is understanding what an experience is and how it relates to your business. Let me tell you, and it’s a lot more than the products or services you offer. Experience is a cumulation of everything, from your customer’s first interaction with your product to when the purchase is made. So don’t fall victim to this buzzword and neglect understanding your customer’s overall brand experience.

Thought Leader - This is my favorite because so many people use it but have no clue what it means to be a thought leader. A thought leader is an individual or company that is widely recognized as an authority in their field. Therefore, their expertise and knowledge are sought after. The key is, you need to earn it!

Now your list of buzzwords may differ from mine, but the point is you have a list! Be mindful and intentional about the words you use. If you don’t know what the word means, be smart and keep your mouth shut. A buzzword is not worth looking foolish.

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