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The Key to DEI Success

There has been a growing recognition of the importance of creating a workplace culture that values and supports DEI over the past few years. Countless organizations have made strides to promote DEI, from inclusive hiring practices to providing training on topics surrounding DEI.

Many of these initiatives have had a tremendous impact, with organizations reporting increased employee engagement and better business performance. Studies have shown that diverse and inclusive organizations are more innovative, creative and better at solving problems than their less inclusive counterparts.

One example of a company that has succeeded with DEI is Microsoft. From racial equity initiatives and ERGs to pay equity, Microsoft has consistently prioritized DEI since 2014. Their progress can be seen in their 2022 DEI Report. Over 85% of employees feel included and have increased representation for racial and ethnic minorities to over 50%. Microsoft is a prime example of using data and feedback to drive DEI progress.

The success of DEI initiatives in organizations is a testament to the power of diversity and inclusion in driving business success and creating a more just and equitable society.

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