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The Problem with DEI

Updated: 4 days ago

DEI has its problems. Woke consultants and weak leadership have all affected the current reputation.

Buuuut, that does not mean DEI isn't valuable. It is.

The problem with DEI is how often it's mistaken for wokeness. At least once a week, I have someone attempt to argue that DEI doesn't matter or is "going away," all because they don't know the difference between DEI and wokeness.

I know, the foolishness of attempting to argue the difference between DEI & wokeness with an expert on the matter. Yet, it happens.

Here's a simple way to tell the difference.

One is good for business.

The other one isn't.

One is grounded in data.

The other seeks to punish and divide.

If determining the difference is important to you and you want to reap the plentiful rewards of DEI, schedule a call.

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