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The 3R's of DEI

From June 2020 to May 2021, companies committed over $200 Billion towards advancing DEI. They still need to work on making a real impact internally and externally. Investing or not can have many effects, including revenue, reputation, and retention. In today’s business climate, you must have a strong DEI strategy to capture new markets, recruit and retain top talent, and maintain a trustworthy reputation.

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Companies that have worked with TaChelle 

Joe Marks,
GM of Events 
Informa Tech

TaChelle Lawson has been a tremendous partner in implementing our event DE&I strategy.  She delivers the business case on why companies – including the need to have a thoughtful DE&I strategy. Beyond her subject matter expertise, she shines as a public speaker and moderator in video and in-person formats.  From early consultation and theme planning to speaker preparation, she makes clients and speakers feel safe to discuss their experiences. I highly recommend her to any conference producer, event director, or DE&I officer. Whether you are hosting a DE&I keynote or panel at an event or your company needs help building a top-to-bottom DE&I plan, TaChelle is the perfect partner for the job.

Jeff Klineman,
Editor in Chief BevNET

TaChelle brings a compassionate ear to the many stakeholders interested in both the worlds of DEI and consumer goods companies. I've had the chance to work with her on content and presentations firsthand and she guided to a room of entrepreneurial food and beverage company founders. We worked through tough questions on the "how" side: how do we grow and cultivate a diverse set of investors? How do we create inclusive companies? She's a great panelist and a terrific sounding board, and will bring her considerable knowledge and reason to any discussion or presentation.

Tania Williams,
Human Resources Manager

RTC of Southern Nevada

TaChelle did an amazing job speaking on Employee Engagement at one of our bi-monthly meetings for the Southern Nevada International Public Management Association.  TaChelle’s overall knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for the subject made it very engaging for our audience. TaChelle encouraged our HR Professionals to further reflect on how to motivate our management teams better to incorporate employee engagement into their daily practices. During our session, TaChelle also incorporated the impact and importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in engagement.  I would definitely keep her in mind for other speaking engagements.


TaChelle makes a Differance

Change the way you think about diversity.

TaChelle helps leaders create diverse and inclusive organizations to retain top talent, promote greater engagement and innovation, attract new customers and improve overall business outcomes by facilitating conversations and strategies around diversity and culture. She is a highly respected business leader and DEI strategist known for her straightforward and no-excuses personality, TaChelle's approach leads to higher profits and more engaged employees.


TaChelle Lawson is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on diversity, equity and inclusion who keeps the audience engaged and leaves them thinking about how to make real change within their organizations. 


TaChelle Lawson is the president of FIG Strategy & Consulting based in Las Vegas, Nevada. FIG is a certified minority and woman-owned small business. Services include customer-centric diversity growth strategies and consulting with a savage twist.


Would you believe there are more CEOs named David or John than there are women CEOs? Despite the fact that women make up more than 51% of the population, we are not accurately represented in leadership and decision-making roles.


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