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Be Your Own Hypewoman

We all need one and who better qualified to hype you up than yourself?! So, let's talk about your strengths. In addition to your work experience, education training, what soft skills do you naturally possess? I've said it before and will say it again for those in the back; being a woman in business is incredible but knowing the kind of businesswoman you are is POWERFUL. Are there any stereotypes that are also on your strengths list? I would be willing to bet there are. It's a good thing. Being underestimated is always a strong motivator. Many women doubt themselves because of what we have been conditioned to believe and accept. If you speak up for yourself, you’re “angry” or “difficult to work with.” Or if you require more time to process information then “she lacks confidence.” Throw that negativity right out of the window. And close it. We no longer buy the narrative that our natural characteristics are shortcomings. Instead, we embrace our personality and hype ourselves up about the things we do that are uniquely ours.

What do you do exceptionally well? How has your experience prepared you to be in business for yourself? Give yourself permission to brag (and brag hard). Go back to a time where you crushed it! Remember the one (or more) that made you walk a little taller? Recall the details. How it made you feel? How did you react and why is that memory still with you? This list should be an honest compilation of your personal and professional characteristics. Go on, BRAG. Then get back to being the businesswoman you know you are.

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