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Best Practices for Successful Employee Resource Groups

Following DEI training, there has to be a plan in place for continuing to foster an inclusive culture within the organization. One of these ways is to start Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s), but where do you start? Here are some of my best practices for having successful ERG’s.

Plan. Employee Resource Groups should have a strong plan in place, including their role in the company's operations. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding communication and the influence that these groups have is essential to have successful groups.

Leadership. If your C-suite is not on board with these ERG’s, they won’t be successful in the long run. Having someone from the C-suite being either involved in the ERG or simply just being an ally is crucial.

Guidelines. Guidelines can include many things, but essentially it is how the groups will operate. These can consist of the mission statement, the leadership team, how often the group meets, etc.

Employee resource groups help facilitate open conversations and ultimately help foster an inclusive culture. Need help setting up a plan for extending DEI beyond training? Give me a call at 800.834.4946 or click here.

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