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Diversity vs. Inclusion

In the past year, the words diversity, equity, and inclusion have been trending heavily. Countless companies have come forward with their DEI initiatives and promises. The issue is - a large majority of these companies don’t understand the difference between diversity and inclusion.

Diversity is the what. It’s who makes up a company's workplace. It’s the traits that make everyone unique. It’s not just the stereotypical race, gender, ethnicity, etc. It’s also education level, marital status, upbringing, religion, and more.

Inclusion is the how. This refers to the policies, procedures, and steps a company takes to make employees feel safe and welcomed. The entire goal of inclusion is to remove any barriers and eliminate discrimination.

My point is simple. Diversity is a FACT. Inclusion is CHOICE. You see people from different walks of life every day. That is a given. Actually making sure everyone is treated the same and feels included, now that's a choice.

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