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What Is a DEI Speaker?

DEI has emerged as a crucial issue in the business and social community. Companies are beginning to realize how important it is to build a diverse and inclusive culture to foster creativity, boost productivity, and attract and retain top talent. A DEI speaker helps facilitate conversations in understanding the importance of DEI, educates employees about unconscious biases and various topics, and offers strategies for creating an inclusive workplace.

What is a DEI Speaker?

A DEI speaker is a professional with extensive knowledge and experience in diversity, equity and inclusion. Typically they speak at conferences, workshops, and corporate events to educate people on DEI. They speak on various topics, including culture, microaggressions, psychological safety, employee engagement, changing workforces, and more.

Why is DEI Important?

Diversity, equity and inclusion are hot topics for organizations that want to remain competitive and relevant in a competitive and changing business environment. Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace is the right thing to do and has a positive impact on your bottom line. Countless research shows that diverse and inclusive teams are more productive, innovative, and capture new markets compared to their less diverse and inclusive counterparts.

What Can a DEI Speaker Bring to Your Organization?

A DEI speaker brings a new perspective that can help your organization be more inclusive by:

Educating employees on unconscious bias: One of the most significant barriers to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is unconscious bias. A DEI speaker can educate employees on recognizing and addressing the different types of unconscious bias and develop strategies to minimize bias, therefore minimizing risk to the organization.

Providing strategies to promote an inclusive workplace: A DEI speaker can provide your organization with practical and actionable strategies that help promote an inclusive workplace.

Create organizational buy-in: Bringing in a DEI speaker can help motivate employees to prioritize DEI. They can help employees understand the benefits of DEI and help them create plans to build an inclusive workplace.


DEI is a topic that organizations cannot afford to ignore. Hiring a DEI speaker can help your organization understand the importance of DEI, teach employees about unconscious bias, and provide actionable steps for creating a more inclusive workplace. If you want to hire a DEI speaker for your next event, learn more about TaChelle Lawson today.

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Epiphany Proudfoot
Epiphany Proudfoot
10 мар. 2023 г.

Great article, I'm encouraged by it.

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