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Ten Years From Now

How we spend our time, how we treat people will matter ten years from now. Be intentional.

Will it matter in 10 years? If you’re a leader, are you preparing the next generation of leaders? If you’re an aspiring leader, how are you investing in yourself?

How do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be the leader who just went with the flow? Followed social trends, was too afraid to push back–even when you had something to say. 

Or will you be the leader who takes a stand, even if you’re alone, because you know it’s the right thing to do?

Both can be intimidating. But what we do today matters—and for those concerned about legacy, it matters even more. Today’s narrative would lead us to believe that joining the “woke” movement is the only way to make a difference. 


Woke is a trend. However, leadership and accountability will remain relevant (10) ten years from now (and always). I'm certain DEI will also still be around. With any luck, it will have undergone a rebrand and be referred to as good business, but around nonetheless.

If it doesn't positively impact your leadership or work culture and will not matter in 10 years, do yourself a favor and don’t invest too much time or energy. Be the leader, prioritize the business, create safe workplaces grounded in respect and regulate when necessary.

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